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Mistress Owns British Lover's Cock

I turned my cell phone on as soon as I could when the plane stopped on the tarmac. When the power came up, I saw that I had six missed calls. It wasn’t hard to figure out who had been calling me so incessantly. I was landing in London to meet him, after visiting my parents in the States for four weeks. I touched the small key that hung on a chain around my neck, thinking of why I had put him in chastity to begin with. He had admitted to flirting with his secretary and going out for drinks, despite my warnings of what would happen if he strayed from me. I remembered telling him that he would wear the chastity device of my choosing or I would be gone. This new facet of our relationship did not change the fact that I could do whatever or whomever I wanted.

I dialed his number and before I even heard one full ring, he was there, his voice breathy and a little desperate. I knew that he was thinking of the key around my neck too. I told him that the plane had landed and that I would meet him at the gate as soon as I could. “And baby,” I said just as we were about to hang up, “I’ve missed you.” I heard him sigh heavily. “Oh, I’ve missed you too.”

Lust at First Sight

As I rose to deplane, I looked down at my outfit. I had chosen it carefully, not so much for the comfort of a 10-hour plane trip, but for the effect, it would have on him. I was wearing a tight black mini skirt with a white button down Oxford and a black fitted blazer. It looked very “professional woman on a business trip” like. Right before my plane had landed, I had exchanged my sensible black pumps for some 5-inch strappy platforms. I wanted to make sure that he knew what his credit cards were buying and I wanted to pique his interest without giving away all the surprises under my clothes. The shoes were a teaser. Now, as I walked down the jet way, I thought of the guy I’d met while shopping in my hometown. I would have to go back to the states soon….

Waiting, Wishing, and Hoping

He was waiting for me at the end of the jet way. I could see that he had taken the day off from work because he was dressed in dark jeans and a pullover sweater. I hugged him and kissed him lightly, aware of the many eyes on us. However, when he pulled away and looked at me, I could see the raw hunger in his eyes. Seeing that look, I thought of the one I left in my hometown. Maybe I would call him to come to London soon.

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“Are you ready to go, darling?” I said causally, touching the key at my throat. He nodded as his eyes became slightly unfocused. We walked quickly, hand in hand, to the baggage carousel. We chose to sit in a discreet corner of the room to wait on my luggage. We made small talk about my trip as he slowly ran his hand up my thigh. He stopped and caught his breath when he felt the garters attached to my thigh high stockings. “Oh my God,” he said softly. “I told you I would reward you if you were chaste,” I said to him and laughed a little at his excitement. “I have been,” he whispered, “I swear to you, I have.”

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what he said was true only because I had helped him put on the stainless steel chastity device four weeks ago, the morning I had left for the airport. I had picked out the heart shaped padlock I snapped into place, ensuring that he would remain totally mine while I was away. I had told him I had to know that there would be no more thoughts of fucking his secretary behind my back, even in his dreams.

Cumming home

As we drove, I made small talk, specifically not mentioning the one thing he clearly wanted to talk about. I knew he was trying to hurry, but he had to remember who was in charge. I made him stop several places, taking up time. I had him buy me a new outfit and watch me try it on, making sure that he saw how my breasts spilled out of the top of my cream colored bra and that he could peek up my skirt when I leaned over to put my shoes on.

Finally, I let him drive home. Winking and getting out of the car, knowing he was waiting for some sign. I laughed and pulled the key off my neck, tossing it to him. “This should be fun.” I told him, heading into the house.

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